Escape From a Swarzschild Radius of Insanity



I have finally become a refugee.

From Twitter and Facebook, that is.

Last night I deleted both accounts before I went to bed and woke up this morning with such a sense of relief that I knew I’d done exactly the right thing.

I started out years ago on Twitter with 40 followers and ended up with over 1.5K of the buggers. This is not a good thing, as anyone conversant with the horrific phenomenon of Twitter can attest.

Twitter. It’s a great tool for keeping up-to-date on whatever news you’re interested in; you get the latest breaking stuff first, plus much of the as-yet-unverified speculation. But with that comes a clamouring clinging of hanger-on demons which will eventually deeply wound your sanity if you’re even halfway in your right mind to start with.

Some issues, let’s face it, are bound to be emotive. Transgender Rights, the Patriarchal control of the globe, Donald Trump…So you make a resolution to rise above the gutter-wiping of the basest Tweeps. I’ll just observe, you tell yourself, and take in arguments from both sides – to which end, you include a broad spectrum of class, race and political affiliation in your Follow list. Sounds about right.

But gradually, over months and possibly years, you find yourself taking sides. taking umbrage at the others. Taking seriously the emotionally immature rantings of a faceless archon who uses 140 characters to inflict as much pain as possible. And you find yourself doing this, too; becoming habituated to being as pithily nasty in as short a text as humanly possible to someone you don’t even know.

This is the template for all 9 rings of Dante’s Hell to coalesce and eventually collapse into a screaming, barking mad black hole of insanity.

And Facebook? With even the best of intentions of keeping it confined to family, you find yourself scrolling through endless reams of photographic saccharine memes, brain-deficient repetitions of somebody else’s endless idle time…nope. Just Nope.

And so I left those places. Threw them to the West, iconic icons and all, turned on my heel and walked away.
Because I can’t be having with this any longer.

Pic: Paul Kidby’s rendering of Esmerelda Weatherwax

4 responses to “Escape From a Swarzschild Radius of Insanity

  1. Oh My! I did notice you had lots of followers on Twitter. So sorry to see you go!
    I have never used Facebook – I do miss out on things like “secret groups” associated with classes I am taking. But I have witnessed how much harm other secret groups do: cyber lynchings and libel, etc. An associate infiltrated one recently and it was so disheartening to see what was being said privately about people I care about. I will never use the platform.

    I discovered Twtter as a fan of a TV show. It was cancelled, I stuck around. I have very little personal interaction there. You were one of the few.

    I once had a job as a PR Assistant for an NGO, and every morning I read 5 newspapers for work, clipped out relavant stories and passed them up the chain of command. It was a part of the job I enjoyed. Just like tweeting in various things that are newsworthy to me ? Maybe.

    Being Libran, I hate controversy ;), so I avoid it. I *try* to avoid the controversial topics – especially politics. Since Electeds feed us, I am well-versed in their sociopathy. In fact several local ones are being indicted today. Won’t affact MrB, but
    Still progress maybe.

    This means I mainly use Twitter for breaking news and I love my dogs and goats.
    Honestly, I go there for the laughs. And Astrology. Otherwise I probably would not
    Have any reason to start my day.

    I also enjoy interacting with Writers there. And since I have never gotten down with Good Reads, I do sometimes tweet in book quotes.

    I hope you reconsider, and come back – maybe with a different ID? My Twitter strategy might not appeal to you. It lets me explore my self-talk and quiets the voices in my head. That is a good thing!

    I love the art you used here. And I will miss you. You have my email, I hope you stay in touch! Xo

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  2. Hi Belle!

    I only wish I could use Twitter like you do. Maybe I could learn, but right now my double Scorpio comes out fighting far too often when provoked.

    I’m actually feeling really good about de-coupling from the madhouse right now. I feel more present and way less fragmented. Unless or until I can trust myself to maintain an aloofness I’m much better away from it.
    But thanks for missing me; you were one of the real sweeties in there.

    Terri in Joburg


  3. I too get exasperated with Facebook and Twitter at times. I’ve been using Twitter less since they started showing lots of pictures. Little point in limiting yourself to 140 characters and then splurging on thousands of pixels.

    I’m curious, though, about your “faceless archon” — care to elaborate?


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