One Can Only Hope

Mercury retrograde was, as ever, a wild ride.

This last one, taking place over most of my 4th House – my Natal Moon’s House – had a couple of extra surprises for me, though.

My son turned 30 in this time. And I found out, almost at the same time, that his father (my second husband) had died, in California, of liver cancer, over 14 years ago. And I had never known.


Mercury retrograde’s enabling of retrospective helped me in this case, as I was able to navigate the inevitable flooding of guilt with only a little pain.

In this period, too, we sent the Fabled Bakkie into the clutch and brake shop and drove a rental car for a week. And at the end of it I was kicked off Facebook for not using my “real name”, and we were all treated to the edifying spectacle of our government revealing its full-Wetiko face at last.

Going forward, one can only hope….


9 responses to “One Can Only Hope

  1. It was an epically Bad Retrograde here. Hospital, then broken foot. Two Court proceedings – one Hekate be praised worked out half well: Son 1 got custody of Even dated nights in the City where he lives. His EX gets Odd nights. Son can perform on odd nights, which helps. It was an Epic Fuck Up on his part that got all of her lies admitted as truth. A learning experience; financed by my Credit Card.

    Son2 was not so fortunate. He was told to enter a drug program by March something, or do 15 days in jail. The Judge would hear No Arguments, even though this was the 1st time the “Best” Criminal Defense Attorney we hired (and paid) appeared on his behalf. No matter to Judge that previous underling attorney had been discharged from the practice. And most baffling: No Hard Evidence from Pohleece. Just their Word, in writing. So Son2 is convicted of a crime that did not occur. It still takes my breath away.

    Very sorry about your Ex. And the secret of his demise kept for so long. I wonder about the Hemochromatosis (HHC) and his illness? So much shame when the liver is involved, HHC needs a good PR firm. Perhaps your son could be convinced to get tested? I get my results on Tuesday.

    MrB is convinced he works for Aliens (the Reptilian kind, not earthly foriegners). It reads like they are running SA too.

    These are hard and ominous times.


    • Remind me never to feel sorry for myself. It looks like I got off easy, compared to you!
      You know, I’ve found so far that Hecate – who I visualise as Justice in the RiderWaite – is hardly ever extreme in her granting of petitions. So it was for us – we won our legal case against our dog murderers, but the struggle wa a long and expensive one. Your Son1 looks like he got a balanced outcome. Son2 as well – it could conceivably have been much worse. Ask me, I’ve been down the addiction route. But FTP all the same, the unaccountable pigs. And the attorneys, too.
      I’m going to advise Shevek immediately on HCC..his father was of direct Irish extraction, so it’s a really distinct possibility. And he’s only 5 years younger than his father was when he died.
      Hey, and aren’t we the lucky ones, to be alive at such an exciting time?
      Aren’t we? Errr..

      T in J


  2. Dammit, I deleted reply! Short – Expectation was what screwed me up in the Workings. Often does. Ever so hard to have no expectations/no control. To trust enough to let Hekate and individual determine outcome. And my blood says I carry C2 whatever HHC gene.


      • The experts were unable to draw a conclusion as to the origin of the fire. All of it began in the garage and according to a neighbor, it possibly began in a stack of boxes containing books. However the source of ignition is elusive. There were some pronounced and bizarre happenings at the fringes of everyday life that occurred in the 24 hours prior. I suppose it will forever remain a mystery.

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