Aquarius New Moon


A New Moon in Aquarius seems to me a good time to start this blog anew.

I have what I suspect is bronchitis – for only the second time in my life – and I’m just waiting on a doctor’s appointment tomorrow to get some antibiotics for it.

Otherwise, I’ve locked down my Facebook page – it’s only for family, now  – and I’ve made a couple of commitments to my soul for this solar passage.

One is to try to discern as clearly as I can the dreamlike nature of this existence.

It’s quite startling, when you begin to actually pay attention to what is happening around and through you, how much of it has the aura of a night dream. It’s just a bit longer, a tad more coherent. But not much.

Following on from that – as the two ideas are connected – is a commitment to try to discern the presence of the Wetiko virus in this plenum. That one’s almost too easy, and I don’t mean I’ve suddenly become paranoid and am seeing Wetiko in every bush (although in every Bush, now, that’s a different kettle of fish).

This involves me acknowledging fully and honestly the extent of my own darkness. My own potential for evil. My own Wetiko infection.

Like bronchitis, it’s so easily picked up. Indeed, we’re born into an infected culture so it would be startling if we didn’t cultivate the virus from an early age. I know this to be the case in myself and in just about every other human I have ever known.

That sounds like a hopeless prognosis, but in reality it’s probably our way out. The sickness of Wetiko – also encompassed by words such as the Patriarchy, Gangster Capitalism, Rampant Consumerism and many more – actually contains the seed of its potential cure. In coming to awaken in the dream, to notice this sickness entrenched in humanity for the past 10 000 years, we discover both our own complicity and out own enlightenment. To see the thing is the first part of the cure. To acknowledge the depths of our own infection is the next. From there…well, let’s just see where this light takes us, shall we?


4 responses to “Aquarius New Moon

  1. Do get to the Dr. All should learn from my mistake the “I’ll feel better tomorrow” denial that damn near killed me.

    The veils are very, very thin right now. I saw such frightening things that last night in hospital. Hope they never come back. Lately I have been admiring crystal prisms and they are a metaphor for this time. Things shining through refracting into many possibilities. Not delerium talking ;). Just how I am seeing things.

    Or it could be the applying square of Saturn to Neptune ?

    If the good people dig out Wetiko, how will we protect ourselves ? Pondering..


  2. Yeah, I’m going to my reliable ex-mine doctor today. Can’t get antibiotics otherwise.
    The last time I was in hospital – 16 years ago – I also had nightmare visions. That may be a function of those places.
    Discerning Wetiko as a nonlocal, multidimensional entity seems to me to be the start of curing it. The ability to see it starts to heal us from it. At least, that is my experience up to now.
    T in J


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