There Are Monsters


The telly is burbling away in the background. And there are monsters on it.

Leaders of the Free World. Slouching, drooling, psychopathic monsters. Wetikos, in fact.

If I switch over to the night’s series drama, I find there are different monsters.

Chopping up of bodies, poking around in the brain jelly. Full Living Colour.

And I can’t tell, most of the time – is this supposed to be a drama or a comedy?

As for me, I am enjoying the knitting together of a grievously fragmented soul.

Bits of England get trotted out to soothe my newly-reconstituted earth spirit. And I have lost the yearning to go back there, rather bringing the fragment of me that was wandering there…to here.

So I am happy to ignore the beasts and the buffoons on the Idiot Box.

Light the Myrrh and praise the Moon.

Open the Heart Chakra and re-attach to the higher dimensions.

Love my family, my little bit of Earth, my animal and plant allies.

Let the monsters remonstrate. Let the jesters prance and butcher.

I can do nothing but start here, where I am.


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