Walking Wounded


Everyone alive is walking wounded.

We have all received gashes and abrasions in and on our soul which have the effect of rewiring the psyche into a protective formation; the problem is that this wiring often does not get dismantled, and can and does activate under inappropriate circumstances throughout life, if not caught and attended to.

Some of us are fortunate in being given the opportunity to identify and address a major wound before its reanimation causes havoc in our lives. And some of us are slow to take up the higher self’s gift of having this point in time drawn to our attention.

At the age of 13, I was uprooted from my childhood home and transferred to a continent which was wholly alien to me. I have recently been mulling over my attachment to that place, and my feeling of having left a piece of my soul there.

For it was at that age that I started having panic attacks, suffering from agoraphobia and anorexia, which snowballed into full blown substance addiction and led to my eventual Shamanic Dismemberment as my life flowed down the cosmic plughole. Mine, and several other peoples’ also. I cannot live those others’ lives for them – I can hope though that they find their wounds illuminated and have the spirit to act on this knowing before they have to teeter on the knife edge of their own life and death.

I see that Oscar Pistorius has started a five year custodial sentence for his own wound – probably not the original wound, but a rent in his life nevertheless – which was created by his very own hand. May he eventually know peace, and the attainment of an authentic and sovereign spirit. For Reeva Steenkamp has no such opportunity any longer. She is dead.


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