Absent The Human Race


With a damned-near last quarter Moon opposing my natal Saturn and Mercury running retrograde all over my Sun, Ascendant and 12th House, I had a bit of a turn today.

A genteel, non-full-retard Moment, granted ; but trying out a new bit of coding on a brand new data problem in the midst of an office-furniture-moving, colleagues-yelling-at-each-other circus was not conducive to my peace of mind.

In fact, I felt downright depressed, which is fairly unusual for me.

This was probably exacerbated by the discovery yesterday of the death 12 years ago of an old, intense friend of my AA days. I think I had known for a while that he was no longer in this density, and I was not at all surprised. Maybe a little sad. The poor bugger didn’t even make his 60th birthday.

And so, in this suitably gloomy and angst-torn atmosphere, I’m about to give Guy McPherson another go. He has a fairly new book out, “Going Dark” , the blurb of which,on Amazon,reads :We are the last individuals of our species on Earth. How shall we respond? How shall we act?

If industrial civilization is maintained, climate change will cause human extinction in the near term. If industrial civilization falls, sufficient ionizing radiation will be released from the world’s nuclear power plants to cause human extinction in the near term.

In the wake of this horrific conclusion, conservation biologist Guy McPherson proposes we act with compassion, courage, and creativity. He suggests we act with the kind of empathy for which humans are renowned. In other words, he suggests we act with decency toward the humans and other organisms with which we share this beautiful planet. “

It seems like exactly the sort of gently sad, unarguable set of visions of the future – absent the human race – which will cheer me up right now.


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