Diffraction Pattern


Well, now – that was fun.

Within the huge building which houses the company I work for there is a barrier between the elevator hall and the canteen consisting of a centre glass gate at waist height and two waist-high turnstiles flanking it.

I came down the stairs for my 10 am smoke, debouching directly before the barrier, where there was a melee: 4 or 5 people coming from the canteen with arms full of snacks, half-a-dozen folks on the elevator hall side trying to get into the canteen, and myself, paused in the doorway.

We sorted it out. But for a minute there, I was pretty certain I was going to have to diffract between the two turnstiles.

Alas – my wavelength is not of the same order as the gaps in the barrier, so it would have been fairly messy.


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