What They Are


So I’ve been practising keeping the knowledge that what things look like and what they are are two different things at the forefront of consciousness – taking in, along the way, a breathtaking encounter with a newly-budded rose at eye level, my canine and human companions, and random structures along the roads I ramble every day.

It makes a difference – and not too long after starting to use this enhanced sight, at that. One great side-effect was that I started to smile more, unbidden. And then I found myself laughing inside much more, as the well of grace and bliss which is at the core of every volunteer to this earthly habitat became gradually clearer, more uncovered and accessible.

Holding the knowledge that every form we apprehend is a blob of energy of various frequencies – and no sharp edges – opens up the kundalini path to your true nature. Or at least a bit of it.

But this seeing can work both ways.

I was horrified, last night, when we switched the telly onto the news channel run by Sky, and the well-groomed presenters, talking heads and roving journos all suddenly appeared hideously ugly.

Their outward masks hadn’t actually changed, as I quickly ascertained. It was just that their insides were showing.

And the lopsided, broken-down, tired and squinting faces of the daemons behind the masks became visible to me. The System of Control – the Empire Which Never Ended, the Wetiko Culture – speaks, gibbers and leers through these human interfaces. No, no, it’s not a persona – like the Christian/Islamic/Hebrew idea of Satan – I see reaching through the goddamned-noisy-box to babble in our ears and put the filters of fear over our eyes. It’s more an idea, a complex of ideas, a culture, if you will.

It has been tightening up its grip on all conscious life forms for thousands of years, and the screw is turning even faster these days.

Horrified I was, but not in despair. I felt an incredible lightness on finally seeing the carnival of horrors directly exposed.

A lightness , and a welling desire to laugh, and laugh, and fall over laughing with tears in my eyes. And a huge sense of relief.

2 responses to “What They Are

  1. Seems so. A few other people have recently agreed that the MSM presenters are showing their true colours. But I saw them as still “people like me” who are acting as interfaces for something other; something old and hideous and inimical to life.
    T in J


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