Potential Awakening


The Moon in Gemini tends to have an enervating effect on me – probably because it’s my Eighth House.

So it was today. I went through most of the working hours doing practically nothing, yet feeling exhausted.

For the general public, the Moon in the natural Eighth House of Scorpio may have a rather similar effect.

In 2008, when the Sun was in Cancer and the Moon in Scorpio – that’s waxing towards Full –  I had a dream of fire and a Lamborghini.

That dream took place (Sun Cancer, Moon Scorpio) on the Friday night/Saturday morning of 11th/12th July, and the Lamborghini crashed into flames in the early hours of Sunday 13th July on Witkoppen Road, just a kilometer or so from my house.

I am still at a complete loss as to how to explain that dream to myself. But the wonder hasn’t managed to go away – quite.


Do you know that recently I had been wondering whether I could perhaps have heard someone speaking, in my very quiet suburb, of the crashed car on the night it happened? For I had forgotten that the dream occurred and was written down the night before the crash.

This speaks to the amount of interference which the materialist/”skeptical” culture has been running in our everyday lives, perhaps even undermining our confidence in our own experiences.

I hadn’t really realised that before. But it’s pretty clear. If I can be persuaded to move the date of my strange dream to the night after it happened – thus opening a crack for a “common sense” argument to creep in – then the poison is truly seeping into all our lives.

And I wonder how much more of our potential awakening and questioning is being squashed under the smug jackboot of the so-called “hard Atheist’?


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