A Component of God

On 8th November, 1959, just before dawn, I was born here:



..well, not exactly there – that’s a golf course – but in the hospital in Durban, and I was the cause of the attending doctor missing his fishing trip. That  area is Mount Edgecombe in KwaZulu Natal. 

The area of sky representing Scorpio was rising in the East, with the Sun hot on its heels, and the Moon was waxing in Aquarius. That makes me a double (Sun and Ascendant) Scorpio, with an Aquarian Moon.

What else I was was not immediately apparent. Numerologically, I was born a seven, of one and two parents. My brother, born 18 months later, is a three, which is the correct sequence. I was the first born and the black sheep.

My brother was always much more a child of my parents than I; I even have an odd blood type, not carried by either my Mom or my Dad.

Born out of place and out of turn, perhaps – yet at the same time, born into precisely the correct spatio-temporal locus for the journey I undertook to complete this time around.

It has been far from easy. And yet, it has also been tremendously fulfilling.

My father gifted me with a love of science and the unusual. Also with a bloodline which runs through the aristocracy of Scotland.

My mother’s gifts were a talent for mathematics and a seed of spirituality, handed down from her more mysterious family origins.

And all – yes every pain and despondency and joy and transcendence – all of this heritage has worked its alchemy as planned.

I have caused horrendous trouble both to myself and those close to me. But it has not been without its moments of deep grace. And those are what linger, suffusing me with a certainty that this life has never been off track. It all roils together in just that perfect, necessary way to transfigure the latent human into a true human.

And an earthly soul into a component of God.


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