All Inside


Oh Yes. This is the Stuff.

Maryam Mirzakhani, you’re my newest hera.

It’s not even as if women are newly-come to the field of pure Mathematics – we’ve been at it for millenia.

There’s something about Maths which is so damned close to deity.

Perhaps I was a Mathematician in a past life. I’m only a half-arsed one in this lifetime.

Perhaps my soul just knows Godhead when it sees it. But I’ve been fascinated by Topology in particular – and Calculus and Abstract Algebra as  means to get there – for almost all of my life.

When I was still a preteen I remember understanding the concept of the Mobius Strip quite clearly, and demonstrating it to my classmates. The idea of the Klein Bottle soon followed. I mean, a band with only one side and a bottle with only one surface – what’s not to love?

At around the age of 15, I bought an old university text on Topology and stayed up nights reading it. I was more than absorbed – I was absorbing it all.

And it didn’t stop there. Whenever I come across something to do with Riemann Surfaces, pierced and compact surfaces, non-Euclidean Geometry – I’m eating it up.

It really does feel like food and drink for my Being. I understand the concepts as if I’ve known them forever.

And just maybe, I have.

They seem to open my consciousness with absolute Joy. A feeling of knowing that all this is a way of describing – in the most elegant, beautiful way imaginable – the Shape of Who We Are.

It’s All Inside.



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