Beliefs and Black Holes


“Doppelgänger is a German word meaning “double goer” and it refers to a wraith or apparition that casts no shadows and is a replica or double of a living person. They were generally considered as omens of bad luck or even signs of impending death – a doppelgänger seen by a person’s relative or friend was said to signify that illness or danger would befall that person, while seeing one’s own doppelgänger was said to be an omen of death.” From the Epoch Times h/t The Anomalist

Once, years ago, while I was on the brink of undergoing my Shamanic Dismemberment, the people who were the most familiar with me in this world – my parents and my son – caught sight of my Doppelganger in a supermarket in a seedy part of town.

For a while, they were entirely sure that it was me, and only later reluctantly concluded that it couldn’t have been. For I was incapacitated at the time.

I don’t trust myself to identify my own Doppelganger, as I suffer from a degree of prosopagnosia and have difficulty telling unique individuals apart, especially if I can’t hear them or witness their walking gait. But for my parents and my son, none of whom have this handicap -well, I would trust any one of them to identify me in a crowd, never mind all three of them.

So what what going on that day?

It is interesting that indeed I was showing marked signs of “illness or danger” at that time, so was this possibly a vision conjured out of my family’s anxiety? My parents have died, their spirits don’t speak of it to me, and my son hopefully doesn’t remember the incident at all, so I am left with some maybe-unanswerable questions.

It is true that shortly after the sighting, I fell into the deepest depths of my sickness, and was in grave danger of dying. So was it my own spirit, perhaps, which appeared unsummoned as a warning to my loved ones?

The Occam’s Razor answer is, of course, that the person my parents and son saw that day was just remarkably similar to me. But I don’t quite buy that. As I’ve mentioned, I have a little trouble with faces, but the voice and, even more, the gait of a person identify them to me just about every time. How much more so for the people closest to me in this life, who have, in addition, no problem with faces? Do I believe that they were mislead by a stranger? Actually, no, I don’t.

As hard as it may be for skeptical folks to comprehend, the most parsimonious answer doesn’t always fit best. And by “fit best” I include what is commonly referred to as “gut feeling” as well as “spiritual intuition”. So I choose to believe that what was seen was a fetch or forerunner of my doom : perhaps a warning to my family, as I don’t think for a moment that I could have turned aside my own fate at that instant.

At the end of the day, the Woo wins with me on this one.

And I don’t see the Universe collapsing into a Black Hole as a result of it.





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