Payday Morning – Systems of Control Edition



Finding not one viable ATM within a 10 km radius of my house is to be expected, I suppose, on payday morning.

But it has been getting worse over the last 10 years or so: vandalised machines, machines where suspicious characters lurk in the 6am darkness, machines with blocked-up card slots, machines which have been totally decommissioned and their hardware removed as they have been vandalised by suspicious characters lurking in the darkness who block up the card slot at 6am on payday morning.

Well, so we found a working, fairly well-lit and human-rich ATM eventually and managed to draw money for diesel and cigarettes, but I was half an hour later than usual for work this morning.

This is how it goes when you live in a civilization. Desperate people will do all sorts of things to have money – they cannot reasonably be expected to live without it. For in the city, under government, this is their only way of obtaining food, water, shelter and clotthing.

As an Anarchist, I have ceased being surprised at how many people think I am against law and order. That’s not what Anarchism amounts to, however – it’s a disavowal of hierarchical systems of control, not a rebellion against all laws, people.

See, most folks believe that government’s primary purpose is to mantain law and order. It’s certainly the aspect of government which most citizens fear the loss of.

But in order to maintain the law, governments see fit to control the land, the water, the food and all the lifeforms within its domain. And here is where the problem comes in. You do not have access to these things unless you have ownership of some money. And if you are unemployed, and maybe unemployable, you will do what you have to to gain some of that money.

You cannot raise or plant your own food, drill your own well, tan your own hides and raise your own barn without this money stuff. Well actually you could do all these things without fiat – but you don’t know how.

You have never learned these things.

And why is that?

Well, because government controls your education, also.

Civilization controlled by governments is not conducive to Life.

It never has been.

Stop partaking in the control-system’s charade of voting in representatives – there aren’t any, you know. Not any which would allow you to live free of them, anyway.


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