Upwardly Mobile Spirals



Sometimes it’s handy to have a mental image of the spiral dynamics..err..spiral when in the midst of South African politics.

I believe some of the creators of this handy little meme were actually in this country in 1994, when we finally got rid of the Nats.

The citizens of this country have just voted for their national government. I find I must always keep in mind that the majority of the voters seem to fall into the “red” turn of the spiral – tribal loyalty, big-man-dispensing-largess and all that.  It helps to explain why, once again, the ANC will take most of the parliamentary seats.                         


However, I noticed something this time around, fooling with the spiral. It’s almost always displayed as an upward-reaching spiral – usually with the turns getting larger as it ascends. A spiral staring from the bottom, reaching for the sky. The inference being, of course, that the higher one falls on the spiral, the more worth is attached to the self.

I feel that a spiral shown rotated clockwise from this vertical position, so that it is lying down, might be more appropriate.

You know, advancing along the traditional time-line. So that we can see that a person – or a culture – simply takes on different world views as they proceed along the River of Time. 

And the Self – not anchored in the River – can apprehend the entire spiral as its incarnate fragment travels from birth to death, however many times that might happen.                                                                                          

Unfortunately, my online search didn’t really come up with such an image. Even those spirals shown somewhat recumbent, as below, still manage to give the impression of upward mobility and increasing worth, rather than time-acquired points of view. But then, what else should we expect from the over-culture?


2 responses to “Upwardly Mobile Spirals

  1. When i first saw the spiral of our galaxy in a photo, i wondered how we knew which way it was turning.
    Sometimes i think about this social spiral and wonder which way we’re going too.
    How does one measure increased self worth through an increased awareness? Our over specialisation trend precludes that.
    peace and love and love


  2. If it has spiral arms, (certain kinds of galaxy, including M31 and our own),then they are trailing. 🙂
    But I get the point – does increased awareness of the Self beyond time equate to “worth”. I actually am inclined to think not.
    T in J


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