Start The Winter


O but it is not the years–it is I, it is You, 
We touch all laws and tally all antecedents, 
We are the skald, the oracle, the monk and the knight, we easily 
include them and more, 
We stand amid time beginningless and endless, we stand amid evil and good, 
All swings around us, there is as much darkness as light, 
The very sun swings itself and its system of planets around us, 
Its sun, and its again, all swing around us. 

As for me, (torn, stormy, amid these vehement days,) 
I have the idea of all, and am all and believe in all, 
I believe materialism is true and spiritualism is true, I reject no part. 

(Have I forgotten any part? any thing in the past? 
Come to me whoever and whatever, till I give you recognition.) 


Walt Whitman – With Antecedents


As this year’s Samhain falls on the day I return to work, I’m taking tonight to formally connect with the Ancestors.

This means, oddly enough, Colcannon! Although I seem to have little-to-no Irish ancestry, this dish has become a favourite for this time of year. And it’s certainly chilly enough, this start of Winter.

As always, we Remember Their Names as part of back-connecting and reverence.


Pic: from Freedom Park, Pretoria

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