Somewhat Enlightened?



Sigh. It’s sometimes very difficult to be aware that you’re participating in a process which is good for all of us.

It can – and should, if it’s being taken on board thoroughly – be painful, irritating and exasperating in roughly equal measures. 

Right now, South Africans in particular are going through a process of shadow projection on at least two fronts. And that’s got to hurt, man.

We have the on-going Oscar Pistorius Trial, for starters.

I’m admitting that the shadow projection from myself is fairly intense. We are witnessing – on our TV screens, in our Twitter feeds –  a play of our darkest violence against a background of outrage and emotion.

I declare, in this case, a deep bias. I cannot take Oscar Pistorius for anything other than a narcissist, controlling, possibly psychopathic liar. One who is putting on a huge pity-party for himself and expecting us all to buy into it, to some degree or other.

The props, arranged sets, and mournful declarations of grief and anguish coming out of that trial from Team Oscar are turning my stomach. But I need this lesson. The dark angers and violent tendencies which my own soul harbors need to have light cast upon them, and this absurd theater seems to be just the job.

I would make a terrible, terrible, judge under any civilized country’s legal system, as I am unable to smother my bias and be completely impartial. But I know this.

On the other hand, I see myself becoming irritated with people who appear to be buying into this privileged little boy’s story.

And I wonder how many others of us are recognizing their own shadows in this tawdry little piece?

Not to mention the large-looming specter of Wetiko grasping greed which is the outline of our un-esteemed president thrown upon the sheet of a nation’s psyche. It’s appalling and deeply shameful that we have South African voters who would put their ‘X’ next to the ANC’s name in the hope of getting a slice of those ill-gotten taxpayer Rands.

But so it is. And for each obfuscating Zuma protector, each smug DA supporter,each citizen yelling at me to “vote, or else you can’t complain”, I learn a little more about the collective soul of our species.

And I’m not too sure, as of now, if I’m utterly depressed or somewhat enlightened by it all.



Pic found at Gentleman Bug


2 responses to “Somewhat Enlightened?

  1. It’s one of the questions we’re asking, too -often very loudly. To be fair, robbers have been known to hide in cupboards and such. But they don’t usually lock the door from the inside, unless they’re terrified of someone.


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