Vampire Squid



One of the most easily recognisable symptoms of the Wetiko virus is a need to centralise control of everything on the 3D plane. Ever-y-thing.

Once you see it, it can’t be unseen. And once you see it, you will always recognise it.

Especially where it resides within you.

Growing up in the ‘70s, I think I was living in the last golden glow of Capitalism as a Good Thing. Before the Police started getting violent. Before citizens started taking guns down to the local school and just shooting the crap out of everybody there. Before the Banksters ruled the world’s governments. Before the corporations made more profit than ever before, yet those of us who are not Big Wetikos got poorer than ever before.

Obviously, these signs of Wetiko did not show up all at once, in the culture at large. There have been creeping advances over the last 3 or 4 decades – slow enough that many of us missed it, in between the getting-on with life and surviving the traumas of the (unseen, unacknowledged) Wetiko virus loose in the world.

I bet some of us have tracked its rise though; its rise to where it is now so visible that one cannot miss it, unless one is highly infected oneself.

But that’s just it. In the time that Wetiko has mutated from an underground current to the centre stage of geopolitics it has infected millions more humans – or rather, the infection has ramped up a few notches in most (or all) of us.

For she who is completely without Wetiko would not be typing these words into a computer, sitting at a desk in a corporate office. She who is free of Wetiko wouldn’t be within a million miles of this culture in the first place.

We all carry this deadly virus. It is a field phenomenon and impossible to avoid altogether if you are incarnate. Just think of all the places in your own soul where you long to exert control and you’ll have a starting place for tracking the infection.

Think, too, on our fascination with tawdry evils like the Oscar Pistorius trial, and CSI-type series on the telly. Think on our secret yearning to be protected from each other by big, strong, vicious law-men and –women, our wanting someone to watch over us and keep us from the harsh reality of incarnation…we are just like little children, a life form ripe for the infecting by the bug of conquer, control and abase – Wetiko.

However, when we recognize it we are effectively casting light upon the vampire squid. Once we register its form we can spot it easily as it tries to mutate. In this way, we may start to loosen the stranglehold upon our spirit, and, perhaps, eventually, the world as well.

I can but hope.

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