Sync and Shadow


No, you couldn’t make this shit up.

The missing Air Malaysia plane, of the Boeing 777 lineage, is line number 404.


…and in other news, I’ve got my hands full with considering the shadow projections of an increasingly arrogant and incoherent Advocate Barry Roux in the trial of Oscar Pistorius – sometimes, the bloody man makes no logical sense at all, and I assume he’s just spouting words (in pretty appalling English) to confuse the witness. If he’s “just doing his job” then I really wonder about his soul’s integrity.  Never mind that he has achieved almost overnight cult status with many of the South African public. He doesn’t, in my opinion, deserve that. But this trial is all about shadow play: the shadow of our own culpability and hero worship, the shadow of our laissez faire attitude towards deadly firearms.


There is also the issue of the Public Protector’s report on President Zuma’s homestead, Nkandla, and how millions were diverted from  public funds for the luxurious upgrades to his private house. That speaks to the shadow of our own Wetiko infections and the rapacious appetite for more material, ever more, which is one of its chief symptoms. How does this reflect our own ambitions, our own wants translated as needs, our own hungers?

For, as I delve deeper into this trans dimensional entity I call Wetiko, I am simultaneously ever more awakened to the ways in which I am infected with the disease. As, as far as I can see, are we all. It’s horrifying, yes, and helps to awaken the soul to its own deep darkness. Without which, it needs to be said, we can never truly generate the light.

For the light shineth in the darkness (not on it) and the darkness…comprehendeth it not.



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