Child Projection


Today I have, pretty unusually, accused two separate people of being “children”.

One was Oscar Pistorius. The overgrown, over-privileged child who owned 9 very expensive watches, several vehicles, a display-case full of costly sunglasses and a multi-million-rand home.

Sure, he’s a paraplegic. So are millions of people, most of whom do not get the support and expensive treatment – not to mention the state-of-the-art blades which help tremendously in his ability to shine. So many people just don’t get this sort of privilege, and he seems to have taken it as his due, like a prince royal. Which, to be honest, is how we treat most of our sports heroes in this country.Never mind our just, like, sons.

So yes, to my mind he’s a spoiled brat and vastly immature and I shouldn’t waste so much of my time even thinking about his trial for the murder of a young woman whom he says he thought was a Black man. The miners gunned down by our police in Marikana are far more deserving of our compassion.

A little later in the day, I was reading through a thread on Facebook where one South African Pagan had dissed another South African Pagan, and I felt that the trouble starter was definitely behaving like a child. And so I said so.


Now, we know that at all times the Spirit Behind the Spirits is standing ready to klap each one of us upside the head with a lesson which needs to be learnt. We also know that shadow projection is nothing more, nor less, than our true selves recognizing a suppressed part of itself in another, and casting a light-and-shade play upon the stage of the 3 dimensional dream.

So I have brought myself up short this evening, as it appears that I’m shadow projecting the child archetype upon at least two others – which leads me to ask just where I am still in childhood.

And I think the answer may be that I’m afraid.


Afraid that we may not make it through this epidemic of Wetiko which is killing us (all of us) and the very planet we depend upon for incarnation.

I am afraid as a child is afraid of things it doesn’t understand too well yet, and looking around for an adult to explain it to me.

But I have to be my own adult.

And I really hope that this child’s fears are baseless.




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