The Song Remains The Same



Oh, but no – no, it doesn’t.

I’m sorry, Jimmy Page, but the song does not, it would appear, remain the same.

I had a great Mercury Retrograde – and you?

Passing over my natal fifth and then fourth houses, this retro was concerned with fun, games, childhood.In retrospect.

And so I recalled in living colour some of my fondest earlier memories.

And found out that, as a Being, I am definitely In Progress. So much so, that recalling the 18-year-old me was unnervingly like having that young woman’s memories without actually remembering being her.

Even the me of five years ago is somehow separate, not just in space and time but also in essence, from the me I am right now.

And this, it seems to me (hah! who?) is just as it should be.

Life is the Singer and I am the Song. Not the other way around, no.

Life – Cosmos, Consciousness, what you will – is the base animating principle which gives us “us-ness”. Each of us is the route through which Life (Cosmos, Consciousness) makes It-Self in space and Time. The notes, the arias…not the daft little truncated excuse for songs presented to the culture as “songs”, but intricate, ever-changing, fractal expressions of the It-ness cast upon the three dimensions like crumbs of bread upon the waters.

And like crumbs of bread, we drift back into the Whole, eventually.

But not before we have been well and truly Sung by the Universe. In resonance of light and shadow, beauty and evil, truth and falsehood. All together, making and shaping and destroying and creating..the Song.

Which can not – and never will – remain the same.

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