Encounter With Self – 1


The Crested Barbet sits on the wooden fence rail around the altar area and looks at me.

I freeze, not wanting to startle him, for he’s beautiful. Multi-coloured with a dappled back and a huge tufted crest, he tenses when I come closer to the window to get a better look. We stare at each other for some time – me, seeing beyond the feathered and beaked mask to my own likeness, and he..showing me yet another aspect of my being.

Eventually, he turns his back on me and flies away.


Pic: Warwick Tarboton


One response to “Encounter With Self – 1

  1. It is winter here, of course. But I am likewise enjoying the birds that come to my feeders…even the nagging Anna’s hummingbirds that follow me from house to house complaining if the syrup is not warm. (this is Herlander Walking at her other blog, btw)


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