An Elaborate Hoax

Sometimes, you know that you know something, but you don’t know how you know it.


After reading of Roger Ebert’s deathbed vision I’m now a bit more aware of how I know something to be “true”.

I’ve long heard and read about the idea that this Earthly existence is an illusion, a play, a transient made-up mask of dimensionality. Moreover, I’ve had experiences which lead me to believe that this idea is, if not completely true, at least close to the mark. And I fail miserably at trying to put the idea into words, every time.

Closest I can come to an analogy is with an engrossing book, or a captivating movie, or a spellbinding session of music. It wraps you and engulfs you, often to where you are positively wrenched to return to “reality”.

But – whether Ebert was affected by his medication or not – when I read this:

“This is all an elaborate hoax.”

Something went ping inside me.

It was a feeling like you get when you complete a 4-page mathematical proof, or a concise piece of coding..only stronger. Unlike the feelings of Love, Fear, Rage, or even Bliss, this Reality Resonance is a whole-being reaction to something which you know to be correct.

A vibration throughout the Soul. Truthsense.

This Earthly Life is, indeed, an elaborate hoax – and that choice of words helps, I think, to prod our innate Truthsense into liveliness. For we pretty much all have strong emotional reactions to the word “hoax”, do we not? We don’t like to think we’ve been hoaxed, and there is (or should be) a measure of personal shame in perpetrating a hoax.

“Hoax” is a much more emotionally resonant word than “illusion”.

This Earthly Life is, indeed, an elaborate hoax – and now that I’ve acknowledged that, it’s time to ask the next logical question: perpetrated by whom upon whom? 

This Earthly Life is, indeed, an elaborate hoax – and it is a hoax, obviously, of one’s own making.

This Earthly Life is, indeed, an elaborate hoax – and it is a hoax, obviously, perpetrated upon oneself.

This Earthly Life is, indeed, an elaborate hoax – so Who does that make You?

2 responses to “An Elaborate Hoax

  1. Back to the concept of Maya? I’ve tried repeatedly to crawl around inside that one. And having the experience of stepping outside this particular stage dressing, I will say it pales in comparison with the “Other”…but I don’t think it is exactly illusion or hoax.

    To me, it is more a case of “what we can stand AS we are right now”…after all, beginning swimmers don’t go in the deep end at once.


  2. Yeah, I do keep coming back around to Maya, huh? I feel kind of comfie here.
    It’s no longer an either/or question of immanence/transcendence for me, though. All the immanence is part of the field, after all – and the field(Love) is transcendence. Or so I tell myself, to prevent insanity.
    Remember that Ebert was always presented as a materialist atheist – which stance I have some sympathy with, having been raised as a scientist. It may very well have been best described as a hoax, to him. And I see the point.
    Although I’m still having problems communicating it.
    Terri in Joburg


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