Crossing The Arbitrary Line


This morning I opened the back door to find Scylla in a standoff with two Pied Crows.

The birds were flapping their large wings and cawing loudly while the middle-aged Pitbull had her front legs planted firmly apart, her bat-ears cocked forward, and a belligerent expression on her face.

There seems to have been a prize lizard, rat or maybe even snake in the garden – which both Scylla and my Spirit birds were after at the same time.

The Pied Crows have been coming in very close to the house in the last week. Well, they probably have kids to feed, that pair. But even given my affection for the species, I am surprised and a little irritated at their extreme proximity of late.

And I I dying?

Two nights ago, I dreamed a dream of a wedding. My wedding.

The details don’t need repeating, although they were interesting. Very interesting.

And last night, I dreamed a dream of having seen completely through the mask of illusion of this incarnation. It was a beautiful and unnerving dream.

Again I I dying?

I have been feeling more comfortable in my skin, in my garden, in my breathing than at any time in the last two decades. My soul extends from crown to heels, infused into each cell of flesh. I am integrating tangibly.

My Spirit birds drawing close. My dreams, as Terence McKenna noted close to his death, have become strange even for me. it my own departure I can sense, now, or just the crossing of the arbitrary line in the year?


Pic: from Holes to Heavens

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