Point Source of Being



I’ve never been a great advocate of string theory. The reason for this is largely to do with the fact that it was developed after I left ‘varsity, so not only was it not on the curriculum, but there were no after-hours earnest discussions of it with my mad physics coeds. I just didn’t think about it much.

Now it appears that Edward Witten’s  mad progeny is the key to harmonising Einstein’s General Relativity with Quantum Physics. Because, you know, you can’t have Einstein proven wrong.It’s the biggest reason I can see as to why serious physicists have pursued this theory so tenaciously for so long.

The talk of the even-vaguely-scientifically-literate web has been recently of these results, which show that Einstein (via the gravitational consequences of General Relativity) and the Quantum Mechanical behaviour of sub atomic particles in the vicinity of black holes could be in agreement after all.

Basically, the results of this set of experimental computations proves that it is indeed possible that the universe is made of almost infinitely thin, vibrating membranes, which form a 10-dimensional construct that we have chosen to call the Whole of Reality.

But that’s not all, folks. The results also confirm that it is possible that this great All is, in fact, a projection in 10 dimensions of a much flatter (fewer dimensioned) Great All, and that this dimensionally-challenged Universe is the origin and progenitor of the one we inhabit.

All that we apprehend – all the particles and particle fields and butterflies and war machines and Wetiko cultures – could indeed be the emission of an original universe which could be one dimensional.

Pic from the Fractal World Gallery

What we actually behold as reality may very well be as holographic in nature as that apparently-3-dimensional image your credit card generates from what is essentially a 2-dimensional screen.

Only in the model we’re considering – and that the experimental results are confirming so far – this entire 10D cosmos is issuing in totality from a one dimensional Source.

That’s right. The point source of All Being.

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