So She Lives


My Mum never did many things for me.

My Mum never sat and fussed over my hair, or suggest I get a style, or perm, or even a cut.

My Mum never made a great “girls’ day out” event of clothes shopping. It was into the shop, choose some items, pay and leave.

She never led me to expect problems from inhabiting a female body.

She never giggled over fashion, or boyfriends, or make-up, or celebrity scandals with me.

These are some of the things my Mum never did for me, while she was alive.

What she did do for me is instill a great love of, and wonder for, Mathematics. It was a joy to her, a game of life, and science, and spirit.

She did teach me how to take pleasure in the things of this world that most females seem to shun.

She showed me how a person can be a woman and love her family deeply, dearly and almost to the exclusion of everyone else – yet carry herself as a shining mind and highly intelligent human being with no need to bow to, pander to, or pay lip-service to any other human being without very good cause.

For all the illness and despair that was there at the end of her life, my Mum was an outstanding example of a Human Doing Earth with as much compassion, thought and focus as is perhaps possible in any One.

I miss her earthly presence dearly, but as she is remembered, so she lives.


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