So this is the day that we get to mourn Nelson Mandela.

I have a personal opinion about the timing of his death, and I stand by it. The Ancestors called him home in June – whether or not his body only gave up now, I don’t know for sure.

Madiba was a brave man of untouchable integrity. It is such a pity that the ANC hosts none of his calibre anymore.

I know you are well, Tata, in whatever form you have passed into. I grieve with the rest of the world, and I celebrate your bright, shiniing life example today.



If it makes me the shiniest of tin-foil-hat wearers, I am still going to say this: the timing of this announcement, with public opinion coming close to flashpoint around eTolls, Nkandla and general corruption in government, and every man-in-the-street’s voice raised against the would-be-king-Zuma,is very suspicious.


3 responses to “However..

  1. Yeah, bombing civilians so that he could eventually get elected and kickstart legendary levels of corruption by enriching his family and making promises that have still not been fulfilled.

    What a guy. We can all learn a lot from him: About the power of the media to spread blatant lies.

    Agree with you on the timing, though. And I’ll put on an even shinier tin foil hat: After the global media has wildly misrepresented the civil unrest that follows, we’re getting invaded.


  2. I could only wish enough of us had the courage of our convictions to do what should be done. Sometimes only violence will answer in the teeth of huge evil.
    It will be interesting to see who will try to invade us – not the Chinese surely, they’ve already started their land take-over in Africa. The US?
    T in J


  3. Yeah, the Chinese heard that bullshit can be used to treat erectile dysfunction, and we manufacture most of it. We would be second to the US if it wasn’t for Zuma. What the Chinese weren’t told is how much of it has already been swallowed whole by South Africans.


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