A Deadly, Insane Agenda



Dear African National Congress,

With general elections coming up next year, I thought I’d spend a moment and let you know how invaluable you have been in my decision not to vote for anyone for the first time in my life.

I know that, once upon a time, your organisation stood for good things: liberty, freedom from oppression and the revolutionary momentum to make that happen.

I understand, too, that there remain people whose loyalty to you lingers on, even though you now have a Man Who Would Be King leading the party and your ideals have morphed into liberty from ethical behaviour, freedom from choice and the turning over of as much power and wealth from the working class to the men and women who would be the new elite.

I’m not buying it – not from you, or from any other political party. For 54 years I have seen the idea of a government which works for all the people of the country – in this country and all the others I have way-stationed in – change slowly but inexorably into the idea of a ruling class who suck their ability to control and usurp power and resources from the people who voted them into their pinnacle positions.

All political parties, all over the world, are regrettably  composed of people who are also politicians. Which means, by now, people who manipulate environments and other folk into a control-base. Not for the good of the working man and woman – and I count myself among the working class, undoubtedly – but solely for the advantage of the ruling class. And one of their greatest methodologies in getting themselves to this exalted position is the convincing of the voting public that they are on their side, that they only want to help, only want to right the wrongs of a cruel and unjust world.

Well, it’s taken me a long time, but I’ve finally come to the realisation that no political party has the good of the public at heart. Power and control is their game – and I’m not helping them play it, not this time.

I’m quite comfortable with my decision not to take part in the sham that is the general election, now.

I am after all an anarchist at heart – and that does not mean, as so many seem to think, a glib “no rules”. Humans always live by, with and under rules. It means “no hierarchy” – a very different proposition. 

So I will not be granting any body politic a mandate to conduct their greedy, manipulative business in my name. Nevermore.

And that daft saw about “if you don’t vote you can’t complain”? Can you hear my loud and heartfelt laughter? I’ll complain until the Wetiko elite is dead or on the run – or even better, evolved into a higher form of human – and I’ll back up my complaints with alternative ideas and actions for a better world for all living beings.

And you’ll never, ever have the tacit permission of this human being to carry on with your deadly, insane agenda.



3 responses to “A Deadly, Insane Agenda

  1. I too won’t be voting for the ANC this time around. But I think I’ll still vote, probably for Agang. I don’t know if I agree with their policies or not, but I think Mamphela Ramphele’s voice needs to be heard in parliament.


    • Since 2004 I’ve looked at the parties and their leaders and not tried to work out which is the best, because then one would never vote for anything, but rather which is the least worst.


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