Opening of the Mouth


So yes, I’m still here. Not that I ever go very far or for very long. 

Dreaming, journeying on more than one plane, patiently waiting out the passage of a backward-moving Mercury across my Sun and Ascendant, an almost-overlooked celebration of 54 orbits of Sol…and finally a Full Moon opposing Scorpio in Taurus.

And what has Opened my Mouth this evening is the City of Joburg . You know – the people who like to think they run this city. 

They’re obviously not bad folks, as you will quickly see if you follow along with their Twitter account. Earnest, punctilious, trying hard to please. And bloody Wetikos, of course.

Well, you couldn’t aspire to manage a city – especially one the size of Joburg – and not be a control-freaked, dominator-society cannibal by upbringing, now could you?

My vexation with them was greatly increased recently, when after an Operation Cleansweep (or something similarly militaristic) in the Joburg city centre, they managed to force just about every single street vendor into unemployment, using a combination of scare tactics and hierarchical bullying. Vendors’ papers were removed by zealous officials and not returned. People were physically forced off their patches and told to await the grinding of the slow (and, lets face it-likely corrupt) bureaucratic process of re-licensing.

There are now hundreds of families without an income, thanks to this system of control, but the City of Joburg was tweeting exultantly about the clean streets of the Central Business District.

Now look, I am not without sympathy and certainly not without fault concerning the specific pathology of civilisation which seeks cleanliness, order and lack of clutter. I have, after all, a natal Venus in Virgo, for crying out loud. I have a hard time stopping myself from over-cleaning, excessively straightening and compulsively putting away around my own home. But it is certainly a bug, not a feature. And this bug gets into our souls through the culture. The over-controlling, head-obsessed culture – aided and abetted by the advertising media, which touts sterile cleanliness and stark, uncluttered lines as the aesthetic ideal at every opportunity. You know, if you care to think about it, what I mean.

But, firstly, people – this is not Denmark. Clean white germ-free-looking buildings may be acceptable in the rational, intellectual atmosphere of northern Europe, but they’re welcome to it. This is Africa, and that kind of ideal of beauty is frankly anti-life.


Life is dirty, cluttered and messy. It is soil, and wet vegetation, and blood, and living beings eating other living beings to…live. It is micro-organisms in the clay, under the fingernails and in the nostrils. It is warm, moist and fully proliferating.

In short, it is pretty darned female.

And that’s where we need to get back to – a love of messy life in all its chaos. For this alone is truly Love’s shadow companion and field of creation – Matter and Spirit, inextricably intertwined.

Anubis, bring your implement. Preserve us.


Pic: found on Sons of Isis


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