Walking Your Own Path

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The quality and character may be different, but can the ideas of a man really be more essential than the blazing light of a sun?

Writes Neil Kramer in his latest essay, Avocados and Dogma. 

And, on days such as this one – when it’s been raining since before dawn and the searing Joburg heat has turned suddenly to chilly damp and your consciousness is so altered by the weather that you’re sleeping and eating and seeing motion out of the corner of your eye constantly- on such a day your mind becomes grey foggy sky and ideas move widely but blurrily through the brainways.

I have been taking some of my cherished notions out for a trot around the block, in the last week. Not just on this blog, but also in real time, so to speak. I’m finding that perhaps I’m really more invested in other people’s notion than I thought.

Radical Feminism and Deep Green Resistance are two examples which spring to the fore. Both detain me within their ideological folds more than is strictly necessary. And, despite my protestations of not being doctrinaire, I think I need a little more of conclusions which are really, really my own and less of what someone else thinks I should be getting upset about.

Not that there aren’t some good and true notions of authenticity within those two fields. There are plenty, and they bear repeating fairly often. Like – as a species, Patriarchal humanity is destroying its own landbase.  But some of the apparent corollaries to these notions are maybe…not so true. So it would be a fine idea if I quit being quite so lazy and thought some of these idea-trains through to their various delta-like termini.

With my own brain.

This, I believe, is what is known as Walking Your Own Path.


6 responses to “Walking Your Own Path

  1. Interesting — I look forward to seeing what emerges. There are texts and togetherness that help shape my understanding at crucial stages and then there is the solitary stuff. Or non-stuff!


  2. To be honest, I;m also looking forward to that! We’re all great mysteries to ourselves – more so at some time than others,and I think this Mercury retrograde right over my Natal Sun/Ascendant is having some effect. The key word appears to be “integrity”.
    T in J


  3. Being able to question authority is an ability that we should be proud of, even as we are shunned for it. I’ve been realising over the last few weeks just how true Herbert’s words were when he said that humanity loves being told what to do. (I think that was probably in Dune Messiah). In my opinion it’s the biggest problem facing us, at the core of probably all our current problems.


    • Yes, that was a theme in Messiah as well as God Emperor, wasn’t it?
      True, that.
      I think we all succumb to damned laziness at times and find it easier to follow what someone else says or thinks.
      Which is just, you know, wrong.
      T in J


      • I think it was probably a theme of the whole series. Muad’dib’s terrible purpose, the holy war, was a caused by this weakness in humanity. I’ve always thought that by making this the focus of the series, in the far future, Herbert suggested that most people would always have this problem. But then sci-fi has a long history of being used to cloak contemporary subjects somewhat, so maybe I’m reading too much into it in that respect.

        I really need to re-read that series. I continue to remain in awe of his intellect, so much that I’ve doubted whether he could really be a single person.

        It being so strongly embedded in our subconscious suggests there has to be some obvious benefits to “fitting in” in the animal kingdom. And yet the occurrence of the lone wolf persists just as stubbornly.


  4. I do re-read that series every couple of years! As to not being a single person – maybe Beverly?
    I guess humankind does have a strong herd instinct built in, as nothing else seems to explain the various shades of nit-wittery I see around me. But yes, lone wolves also seem always to have been around, and thank the gods for that.
    T in J


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