I Could Be Wrong


My partner passed along this article to me this morning, and he’s right, I might want to say a couple of things about it.

First of all, Love The Beret. It’s not original, however, and has been done before by bigger and better people. So –  strike one for the distinctive headwear.

Secondly, I do think that a sacrificial offering on the hill at Marikana is appropriate. The meat will go to feed people, and while I don’t necessarily approve of the goading the cattle into rages of pain, I understand that this is the traditional way to do it. Whether I like it or not.

According to its constitution, the EFF is a radical, left-wing, anti-capitalist, and anti-imperialist movement.

Okay. We probably need one of those.

The party claims it provides clear and cogent alternatives to post-colonial economic systems, which in many countries had kept the oppressed under colonial domination.


Sounds great.

The party advocates the expropriation of South Africa’s land without compensation, and the nationalisation of mines, banks, and other strategic sectors of the economy.

The EFF promises free quality education, healthcare, houses, and sanitation.



Now here comes the problem. Who is the land going to be “expropriated” to?

Julius Malema was once a vocal supporter of now-President Jacob Zuma – the man who thinks he is king of South Africa.

It takes a certain kind of naivety to support Zuma under any circumstances. That, and a healthy dose of self-interest and financial greed. I am not proud at all to say that I thought the man was an egocentric clown the first time I heard him speak.

Malema may have become a little more politically savvy – and therein lies the problem.

He has realised that the people need a radical saviour. Because things just are not improving under the ANC rule, for anyone but the ANC cadres.

But he hasn’t grown up enough, yet, to understand that this change is not going to come about from within the system.

It’s the same problem I have with Greenpeace, and the WWF, and other huge sellouts to the Wetiko Culture.

Working within the ranks of the cannibalistically insane , and abiding by their rules, is never going to work, if we want to free the planet and all its life forms.  Actions have to be taken, and movements formed, outside of this structure, which will only absorb and co-opt the political do-gooders. Until there is no one left to resist. That’s just how the Machine works.

And a little daemon keeps whispering in my ear that Julius Malema hasn’t changed all that much. That he’s the same childish, self-interested politico he ever was. And that this new party is his  – cunning, I’ll admit – attempt to ride the waves of mass disgruntlement into his own, private, power base.

But I could be wrong.


4 responses to “I Could Be Wrong

  1. It takes the naivety of a total outsider to think that you could “nationalise the banks, nationalise the mines” from within the system. What does it say to have that coming from a political insider? I might be wrong too, but I recognise that as just about the largest heresy a politician can possibly speak in a system of theft and slavery that’s based on banking.

    The media opened up his files the last time he spoke about nationalising the banks. Somehow he escaped prison, but he lost his shirt and his seat on the gravy train.

    If he poses any threat, IMO, it’s that of giving “the international community” an excuse to “liberate” South Africa.


  2. I too think that we need a leftist opposition party that will really be concerned about the poor, but I have grave doubts about Julius Malema as the man to lead such a party.

    Nationalising the mines is a really stupid idea. They are wasting assets, and why nationlise holes in the ground? If you nationalise the mines, you are nationalising the cleanup that needs to be done. Rather let the companies that profited pay to clean up their mess.

    But nationalising (or renationalising) infrastructure like communications is a good idea — roads, railways, telecommunications, the post office.


    • Yes, if we must have government, let them do something useful, like providing services. Oh wait – that’s what they’re supposed to be doing anyway. No wonder I don’t want to give my mandate to any political party.
      T in J


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