World Without End, Again


Straining my brain to follow a previous coder’s logic around the block – and around the block some more – today, but that feeling of having finally cracked it is worth all the pain.

In a similar vein, thinking about how this culture has identified Order as the field which arises from Chaos. And I don’t think that that is so – especially given our insane way of trying to Be in the World by dominating it. I think it’s more like our collective wishful thinking which sees order forming from chaos.

I tell you, what I see is a primeval matrix which generates the field of Love.

Chaos looks very much like Love at its most primal – everything Being Itself, unconstrained, random and headed Nowhere.



From this primary matrix it is possible to see the arising of a somewhat secondary – although from where we stand it looks pretty fundamental – field which some who have experienced call Eros, and some, like myself, simply Love.

And that’s where everything else originates: light and shadow, polarities and dualities and singularities. All children of Eros, Chaos made conscious of Itself and falling in Love, over and over, with itSelf. World without end.


Chaos found here


3 responses to “World Without End, Again

  1. Chaos, as far as I can determine, is a human abstraction to explain the limited mind’s inability to see the order. But pattern or matrix would be a better word, leaving the word “order” to those who try to enforce their “order” on the chaos they are so terrified of.

    And it’s the same lost scientists that tell you they believe that every reaction has an equal and opposite action, that try to sell us and themselves, with a straight face, on the actual existence of chaos in the universe.

    (seemed better than saying “I agree” (Malvina Reynolds seems to agree as well))


  2. Chaos=lack of (human) order? Aka lack of human meaning. I see your point. And it doesn’t follow that lack of human meaning is lack of meaning.
    Oh dear, further down the rabbit hole I go..
    T in J


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