A Task For the Reader


Hmmm..looks like I haven’t been around for a while.

Well, I have been, of course – just not around here.

Marveling at the weird weather and finishing up one hel of a big project at work and chilling with my human-and-canine family and speaking with the crows. And dreaming.

I dreamt last night that there was a boarder in my house. And, for once, the house was my actual house; the one I live in now and have owned for 10 years.

The boarder was a woman – middle-young – but oh hels she was noisy. Her friends would be coming and going at all hours of the day and night, she was messy and worst of all she took up a good half of the house.

Well, I had to put my foot down. I asked her to leave. 

There was absolutely no unpleasantness between us as she packed up and prepared to go. I received a vivid explanation of shoes for mountain climbing and for comfort from two of her friends. Then I turned to see her off. Suddenly, she was pregnant. I was struck with a forceful idea then. 

Induction, it is widely held, is a firmer form of proof than deduction. In mathematics, particularly. The only trick is to get both the initial condition and the linking condition airtight.

I found myself explaining this to my soon-to-be-ex-boarder.

If the assumption that I am God is correct, and if everyone else is a projection from the Godhead then…you are all God, too.


I leave it as a task for the reader to figure out who the boarder in my dreams really represented.


6 responses to “A Task For the Reader

  1. I am quite envious — it sounds like an encounter with some underworld chtonic mother archetype in hel. I dreamed once that I was in a university library and went downstairs instead of up and found myself in a noisy hellish laundromat with a huge hairy angry woman who devoured me whole and belched me out again. Gestation doesn’t come more graphic! Most mother goddess archetypes do present as destructive and chaotic, that is part of the vitality.

    Wonderful messy stuff.


  2. I picked up on your mathematical comment about induction…and then I associate with the calculus, our primary tool in describing the amazing dynamics of the world. In physics–the graceful orbits of the planets, in biology in population dynamics, in geology for the slow movements of continential crust, in climatology for seeing what the future may hold for us…with a sense of humility and realisation of ignorance.

    I see the boarder as a reminder, which we forget at times, that the world is dynamical, full of intensity and vitality that we may not understand, but experience first-hand. She sounds like Gaia, but not of the stereotypical fluffy-nice kind, but also one that can be dangerous as well, which requires respect. Perhaps that may explain that uncomfortableness…


    • Calculus is my very favourite tool! It always came easily to me, too, for some obscure reason.
      That boarder now seems more and more likely to be as a couple of people – and yourself – have suggested, a cthonic archetype.
      Love her to pieces, but she has to leave my house at the moment..
      T in J


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