A Lot More


Three days before the equinox of Rushing White Water, and the bats have been circling over the house.

Looking for water, looking for food. Looking for a place to hang their weary little bodies upside-down during the day.

Along with the bats come swarms of flying ants – or rather, as I’ve recently learned, flying termites.

The dogs snap at them and snack on them, those who don’t drown in the water bowls.

Days spent head down, Opeth on the headphones, concentrating hard on polishing up the last of the slight flaws in my code.

Watching Prometheus, hopefully. Looking for the rich milieu of ideas and germs of thought which good science fiction used to gift me with.

But finding nothing. 

Over thirty years ago, Alien was cutting edge sci-fi and edge of the seat thriller.

Today, the back story of Prometheus appears old, tired and lacking in novelty altogether.

The ideas are now stale, the props laughable: the only thing we’ve gotten better at is lots of gore.

Even the Alien, in its full-grown glory, is nothing more than Lovecraft’s Cthulhu, waving his tentacles from behind the bulkhead.

So, we continue to get stupider; more unable to string two coherent ideas together, not able to raise goosebumps without washing the set with blood and sinew.

Or…is it I who grows older, and having seen if not “it all” then at least A Lot More Of It?


6 responses to “A Lot More

  1. Prometheus was so promising…and then such a disappointment. Here, the fall equinox approaches…and yet, the same flying termites appear; and the other night just at dusk I saw a bat flit across the back garden.

    And yes, suddenly, I understand the bitter-tart expression, “I’ve forgotten more than you know!”
    Now and then, something inspires me still in sci-fi, but in books not film. I loved Dan Simmons novels “Olympos” and “Ilium” to excess. And I liked “Vellum” and “Ink” by Hal Duncan…those made my mind work to keep up.

    Here, ’tis the season of spider webs jeweled with rain or dew and morning chills that make you reach for the heavy robe. Hemispheric mirroring in time and grace…


  2. The equinoxes are the times when the hemispheres are matching – albeit one rising, one falling.
    Hey, I’m looking at a spiderweb hung with dew on one of our outside cameras! It’s just after 4:30 in the morning.
    T in J


  3. Ever read “Charlotte’s web”? 😉

    Our thinking has become too shallow, our movies the ultimate rejection of origional thought, or provoking any thought at all. You have to go back in time to find truly origional thinking.
    As you say, it’s all just Cthulu.
    For the last 50 years, our culture and thought have been watered down so much, reduced to an emotional babble in the common cultural expression, movies being at the front of this.
    I cleaned my gemstones and put them out for the moon, loving this muggy weather, spend each afternoon divining for rain, clearly not having effect yet 😀

    The world feels so alive the last few day, it’s wondrous.
    peace n love


    • I’ve almost been too busy to notice, David.
      I lit sandalwood for the moon last night and let it go at that..got a bit more planned for Sunday.
      And I’m going in to work on Manday.Proof that I’m mad.
      T in J


  4. T, Happy Equinox. You might like this, Proof That You’re Mad:

    Defense Atty to Prosec Witness: And so, at the fence with your neighbor, you asked a Qn, and this is when you observed the allegedly exceptional behavior?

    PWitness: I did.

    DefAtty: And, since 2008, how many times would you say you appeared at your neighbor’s fence to ask Qns?

    PWitness: Hundreds, maybe thousands, of times.

    DefAtty: At all hours, any time, night and day?

    PWitness: Indeed.

    DefAtty: And, were the roles reversed, and your neighbor appeared at your fence, to ask you Qns, hundreds, maybe thousands, of times, any time, night and day, how would you behave?

    PWitness: Why I believe, about it, I’d be quite barking mad.

    DefAtty: And, lastly, after such a time, would you arrive at a place of self-blame? That you had done something to create such a situation?

    PWitness: Of course not. Oh right, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Is that what you want to hear? Thank heavens I’m not some impressionable empath. You’d have to brand something like on my soul before you could extract it from me.

    /End scene


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