This is Catha Edulis. Say hello, although you may recall her from other posts of mine.

Yesterday, someone was arrested for possession of her leaves.

The law in this country states that you may not do this – possess leaves of Catha Edulis. Or else you will be arrested and charged.

The law also states that this same Catha Edulis is a protected indigenous species in South Africa. So, should you happen to have a bush growing in your garden, you may not un-possess the leaves either. Or you will be arrested, and charged.

Quite apart from the question of who should be telling me which plants I may chew (and khat is about as narcotic as coffee, I am lead to believe) this is an example of the law being a complete and utter Equus Asinus.



2 responses to “Surprise

  1. Good to see an old friend! I’ve seen Catha all over Zambia and further north, a beauty in spring. Never chewed on the leaves but as you say no more intense than caffeine and I can think of many common garden species far more intoxicating or addictive if anyone wants to go there.

    I wonder if they’ve banned Hoodia gordonii yet?


  2. I don’t think they’ve banned Hoodia – probably because a couple of pharma companies are making good profits out of it.
    I think the only reason that Catha is banned here and simultaneously protected is the irrationality of the lawmakers .
    T in J


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