More Synchronous Panspermia


Speaking of Panspermia (err..see the post below this one) , I almost missed this in all my wailing and feeling sorry for myself. Apologies, it’s the Daily Mail, but it gives a fairly coherent account of the latest findings of Chandra Wickramasinghe’s  latest stratospheric experiment.

The balloon which was sent to the edge of interplanetary space returned to earth bearing micro-organisms which apparently have no earthly origin.

It’s quite interesting.

And then, from the same source I picked up on a story of a Minnesotan woman who saw and photographed something very similar to a sighting I had just under a year ago in Melrose Arch.

I’d still like to know what the white disk-like object was, and it seems  pretty close to what the Minnesotan woman saw. One of my guesses – and it’s a wild, but synchronous one – would be some kind of returning experimental balloon. Like the one Wickramasinghe and colleagues were using.

Well now – in other, non-mystical and non-science-y news, I visited my doctor this morning, to try to clear up what’s been keeping me at home this past couple of days.

The bloke’s good. He diagnosed an inner-ear infection in five minutes flat and sent me off with some medicine. He also assured me that my blood pressure had returned to normal from its inexplicable wild jump into the sky a couple of months ago, which relieved me no end. I have been treating myself with rose oil and cinnamon, but I’m not drawing any definite conclusions from that.

But the inner-ear infection diagnosis explains why I have been having intermittent (although less severe than Thursday’s) vertigo for a couple of weeks now.

It also – and this is a wild shot – may help explain my late-adolescent panic attacks which, once established through a congenital narrowing of the inner ear vessels, took hold and lasted my entire life until the age of 40, when they vanished.


2 responses to “More Synchronous Panspermia

  1. Hope the ears clear quickly, I get random craziness in the ears if I drink milk…apparently a personal allergy reaction. We have been confirmed as having the flu, some compounded by bronchitis and sinus infections.


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