Life Persists


Almost before opening my eyes this morning, I felt the room spinning around me.

As my daytime consciousness began kicking in, the vertigo got increasingly worse, along with waves of nausea which made my legs tremble and the sweat start out on my brow.

Gosh, but sickness is inconvenient. I had things to do at work which I was looking forward to – I almost always enjoy my job hugely – but I decided I’d better sit this one out at home. For who knows but that I’d suffer dizziness, nausea and sweating in the office, and then have to call Warren to take me home again?

It hasn’t gotten a lot better through this day – although the vertigo has decreased as my brain decided to take control of the visual situation – so I’m really just waiting for this damnable invasion of my body to reach a peak and then die in its own wastes, as they invariably do.

Meanwhile, the scent of jasmine has become almost overwhelming from the front garden, and broad beans, brussels sprouts and spinach is overflowing the little vegetable patch.

Life persists.


8 responses to “Life Persists

    • Still a bit woozy – hoping for a change before morning though.
      That’s what we call “winter jasmine” over here,as it flowers at the end of winter or the very start of spring. Yeah, really strong smell, but I’m not complaining.
      T in J


  1. Feel better soon….we all were recently hit by what sure felt/feels like early influenza here. We were all down here with fever, vertigo, cough, headaches of the nigh killing sort for about four days. And yes, just as you did, we often noted how terribly inconvenient and BORING illness is!


    • Wow – sounds like a confirmation of the Wikramasingh/Hoyle theory, that the virus lands on earth in several places, often far apart, at about the same time, coming through the atmosphere from the space between the planets and suns. Because my partner hasn’t come down with it, or my dogs.
      As I said to Barb, I’m kind of hoping for the fever to break before tomorrow, as I’d like to get back to work on Friday. But maybe not.
      T in J


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