I Have To Say No


Coming home from the Olivedale Clinic, where I’d dropped off my long awaited Medical Aid number with the emergency room staff, I was mulling something over.

See, we were at the emergency clinic yesterday.
(Details redacted)
Anyway, I was highly impressed with the ER staff that morning: very professional, caring and never stinting to explain stuff to us. Made me proud to belong to Netcare, it did.

But for every good doctor or nurse who does their job and cares about it, there seem to be another half-a-hundred jerks, liars, thieves and manipulators waiting in the wings, trying their best to win at the game of “who can get away with the most bullshit”. That’s a lesson we all learn, sooner or later. The best we can do, perhaps, is not to become like the Wetikos. To recognise the deadly sickness and strive to be good, honourable humans in all circumstances.

It’s not just the Netcare staff – I can point out several decent, good-hearted, really trying people from where I’m sitting, looking into cyberspace.

But are there enough of them? Do the good folk of the human race really balance out the scum?

Looking at the world around us, the state it’s in and the enormous tide of suffering – of all Life – I have to say no, the two poles do not cancel each other out.

But each time I see a kind deed, witness an empathic connection, or hear about some selfless act of Love, I am heartened anew. For a little while, anyway.


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