Herald of Ostara and A Very Naughty Boy


The Smoking Balcony, which hosted so many of my private thoughts when I was still at Osiris, has become the Smoking Corner, here at Netcare.

And it is indeed a corner of the outside of the building, surrounded by a wall just over head height, covered by two large sunshades.

I prefer to stand half out of the corner, however – liking to see the sky, the street and the rear entrance to the kitchens as I puff.

Today, I caught sight, through 3 layers of iron work mesh, the Easter Bunny, perched on top of the strange Quonset in the parking lot.

At least that was what it looked like to me.

Ostara is coming, just over a Moon away. Rushing White Water. You can already smell the Spring of it in the air.

It’s a pity there’s not more Spring in my legs, however – I could’ve done with some yesterday. Listen, I Am Explain:

We got the Bakkie back, finally, on Saturday. This Ox Wagon is really welcome, both for moving Warren’s gear around to and from work, and for the dogs. Not to mention that it’s a big, roomy, warm cab up front, and a much smoother ride (it’s a diesel motor) than the car.

So we decide to take the canine companions out for a run in the park, and in the bakkie, yesterday.

Unfortunately, W had been working on the tail lights, left them on while he washed the oil and grease out of the dog compartment, and we had to jump start her using the car. Which took a long time. During which I closed the outside gate, but didn’t lock it.

Now, W has also been working on that gate, so that what used to take a fair bit of brute strength to open now glides a lot more easily. The CCTV footage shows what happened next.

At some stage of the jump-start process, while both humans were busy, the Taranis boy wandered casually up to the gate, tail wagging, pushed it open, and disappeared down the road. The Scylla girlie is still too scared to do that.

Fifteen minutes later, as I walked past the gate, I saw it standing open..and my heart leapt. I tried to run, and the footage does show me giving a credible effort. It just felt like I was stuck in mud.

On the road – the by now totally deserted road – I stood and yelled his name.

From ‘way up the drag came a black-and-white cannonball, barreling towards me with his ears and tongue flapping in the wind of his passage.

I hardly had the heart to scold him, as he made for the inside of the house at top speed. But we had to punish them. So there was no doggy outing on that afternoon.

But I’ve never wished harder for Mercury’s sandals, believe me. 

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