Those Days


Well. That was a lot of fun.

No sooner had Mercury gone direct in Cancer, and the Moon was Fulling in Aquarius, opposing the Sun straggling into Leo, than all Hel broke loose at Epona Coven.

At 2:30 in the morning, I woke up, lit a cigarette (yes, it’s my body and my relationship to tobacco) and witnessed all the power in the suburb go down.

This meant, on a cold Winter morning, that I had to go around lighting candles, heating water on the gas stove for plastic coffee, and cadging a shower from the last of the geyser two hours later.

No sooner had I washed, dressed and put on moisturiser in the dark, than the electricity started to flow again, causing me to rush around again, putting on real coffee and removing the candles. In the course of all this rushing – and I should have known better -I managed to spill a good deal of candle wax down one leg of my office suit trousers. Which, naturally, stayed invisible to me until we were well on the road to work.

Once at the office, I found I could hardly work at all, as the system was so slow as to be ridiculous. So I spilled a half a cup of coffee square over my keyboard, just for good measure.

I was quite looking forward to going home and writing the day off, when Warren called to say that he’d left the car lights on all day and now had a very flat battery.

He called a cab for me. And, being the day it was, the cab and I stood back-to-back in the parking lot of Netcare for a good 15 minutes before we realised that we were in fact waiting for each other.

Do I have to mention that the cab driver got lost in Douglasdale?

Well, that’s the kind of stuff which can happen with Mercury. It goes Retrograde, and you tiptoe around your electronics and automobiles and communications for 3 weeks. Then, just as it turns and heads in the right direction again, all those things which could have gone horribly wrong with all those categories…does.

Right, Shevek – One of Those Days.

It’s just as well that I’m aware that I’m the Creator (along with all of You, whether you are awake to the fact or dozing). Or I’d be having a little hysterical fit by now.



2 responses to “Those Days

  1. Mmmmm right thanks for that.
    Electronics were mostly fine, it’s people that drove me batty.
    I discovered the secret of alchemy by accident, i feel much better about things now.
    The future hangs like a wave mid curl …
    peace and love and gentleness T


  2. People *always* drive me batty. Not that I don’t love them – I do – I just don’t like them all the time.
    I think mostly, with the exception of some half-crazy people, we discover the secret to transmuting the prima materia by accident. I think it’s meant to be that way, maybe?
    T in J


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