Thin Shards of Crystal


Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time will be aware that a part of myself is forever haunting the Berkshire market town of Wokingham.

There’s nothing wrong with a little nostalgia, but this sometimes verges on the obsessive with me. And that’s not healthy.

But wait – I am, or am in constant training to be, a Shaman. And what is one of the jobs of a Shaman?

Soul retrieval.

There are obviously bits and pieces of me stuck in that town. Bits of me aged from about 7 to 14 years of age, which split off and got left behind when I moved away, far over the seas to Africa. That’s not to say that I left all my childhood behind, or even most of it. But there are definitely gaps in my emotional maturation process which can only be fixed by going and getting those soul parts back.

So this is what I set out to do, last night.

I hovered and hoovered over distinct locations from my childhood, in trance, covering an area which included most of Wokingham and some of Binfield. Calling my orphaned parts home again, drawing them up and back into me.

I think I got most of them in the end. Only time will tell, and I may have to repeat the process. But not too soon – it’s fairly exhausting on a spiritual level.

So, in a strange way, I bless my four-pawed little girl, Scylla, for coughing herself into a fit, and Warren for sleepwalking for the first time since I’ve known him and putting the coffee on at two o’clock in the morning, for I needed some space and  time for internal dialogue today.

Scylla and Taranis both got hauled to the vet. And sick or no, Pitbulls are a flaming handful. So it did need both of us and I did take the day off work ostensibly for this purpose.

The fur children will be fine – they have both contracted kennel cough apparently and have received antibiotics for the bacterial component of it. This is not a sickness which crosses species lines, so Warren and I are safe from it.

But this afternoon I’m incredibly tires, a little shaky in the extremities, and using this space to have some serious internal conversation with my newly-retrieved soul parts, which I can even now feel starting to align themselves within me, a little like thin shards of crystal.

Pic: from Angela Fe


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