It’s All About Love


Just knowing that you are immersed in the Field – also known as Love – is often not enough to change your way of Being in the world.

You can have this knowledge at an intellectual, head-level for years, but until you know it viscerally, you are not truly aware of it.

Most of the time, yes, I know that I’m enmeshed in the Net. But it’s only when that knowledge makes its way down to my guts that I start to behave in a way consonant with this fact.

Suzanne Gordon, who has spent years studying NDEs in the context of Ethnography, has this to say about how an NDE changes our view:

“It’s what you do every day as you suggested before. The person that you smile at. How you are on a day-to-day basis that really matters.”


And that really hit home with me. Although I haven’t had an NDE in the classical sense, I did come so close to dying that the person I was before the incident and the person who emerged from it are like two different people – just with a strange continuity of memory.

(Oh yes, and talking about memory, there’s some interesting research coming out of the biological sciences which show that flatworms can retrieve their memories after having their heads chopped off. This could be due to some equivalent of body-memory, or it could be evidence that the mind indeed exists outside of the brain. I know which explanation my own experiences corroborate.)

Any way you look at it, some experiences – and the NDE in particular, it seems – have the potential to change the way we live profoundly.

One of Suzanne’s subjects put it in a way which really resonates with me:

“One of my informants, Chris, she did the Christopher Reeves thing, as she put it, and when she came back and was back with her family, she kept asking them things like, “Why are you talking to each other like this?” They thought she was crazy because that’s how they’d always talked to each other. But suddenly she was hearing it very differently. She’s one of the people who went for counseling.”


So today I have found myself more aware of being immersed in the Field. Wondering how it is we go on hurting each other with only words, all the time.

And this anecdote – from Bruce Daimer if memory serves – about Terence McKenna on his deathbed keeps coming back to haunt me.

“It’s all about Love!” the bard was heard to exclaim in apparent surprise, shortly before departing his body back in 1999.

And isn’t that just the truth?


2 responses to “It’s All About Love

  1. It is about the love, and also how you define loving. How you define STAYING in the love, even when it feels like acid. My marriage had a couples version of what might be called a near death experience….and it has transformed both of us.


  2. That’s of course a great way of looking at a marriage – as an individual entity capable of changing!
    And yes, staying is key. Too many of us give up and run away these days.
    T in J


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