Being and the Ocean


I shouldn’t be surprised any longer by how often Christina echoes my experiences nearly perfectly, in her weekly podcast.

Here are some highlights as I listen to her for a second time this week:

Being in the Ocean is essential to our mental health.

But we have erected this tremendous wall of denial, of materialistic thinking, of science yoked with religion.

In this act (of the split between spiritual life and civilised life) we become insane. We end up with Freud, as just one example.

Remember it is the child who craves comfort and safety. The adult only comes truly alive in the felt presence of Wilderness.

Anxiety is distance from Self.

Being in the felt presence of nature helps us to close the gap between who we perceive ourselves to be, and Who we actually are.

Union with all things is the reality. Scientifically as well as mystically.

Regular entering of a culturally sanctioned altered state is necessary for us to maintain sanity.

And we don’t have such culturally sanctioned altered states.

The altered states sanctioned by this culture include television, alcohol and mass-marketed competitive sports.

It is no wonder that we are an insane culture, an insane civilisation, steadily consuming our way to the real ends of the Earth.

Everything is eating something.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve tried to articulate this exquisite dance of life and death to proselytizing vegans. The most recent was this week, in fact. I should just learn to shut up, rather than attempt the articulation of this idea to those whose top-thought is horror at eating another animal.

But primarily, this:

Do not believe anything that you have not lived yourself. Slow down.

Test ideas and hypotheses, chew them over, experience them for yourself. 

If they hold, you can think about adding them to your own beliefs. But most ideas do not survive this process.

Then there’s the quote of the week. 

In nature, the One is the All of it.

Messianic beliefs are purely human.

“You aren’t the Messiah. No one is, no one was.”

Nature reminds us that we are to be part of the eating cycle. Not the whole of it.

Brilliant, Christina. It’s me, and not just me, who needs so badly to hear this.

There’s a great message in there also for the present Seffrican conversation about Initiation, and the molly-coddling hysteria which is attempting to make Initiation…safe. Weird as hell. Initiation is never meant to be safe. If there is not a real danger to the individual life, to the ego or the body or both, then it’s  not worth a damn as an Initiation. But again, trying to put that idea out there, to a populace heavily drugged by telly, is a hopeless task.

The turtle is for my blog friend David, in thanks for his turtle.

2 responses to “Being and the Ocean

  1. Totally awesome, dude!
    I love this post, will have a listen tonight, but so many important concepts coming out in this. Vegans and jocks, the new normal.
    I feel boxed into a routine within a few square metres of daily commute, where any deviance is desirable.
    That’s an extreme reaction on my part, and utterly necessary. Just not very healthy :/
    peace and love and wilderness and ocean


  2. I think I know what you mean. About being boxed-in that is. I don’t have to tell you that the way out is the internal way. Not that the ocean is all internal – far from it – just that the way to connect to it on a meaningful level starts with the inner journey.
    T in J


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