Change Gonna Come


A Change is coming.

Yesterday I watched little fluffy white clouds move in over the crystal skies of Sandton. Unusual for the bone-dry, crisp Winter days we have on the Highveld.

Last night, I woke up from the first nightmare in a long time, sweating and shaking and almost afraid to look too closely at the content of the dream.

An immense alteration is moving in. I smell it.

Unaccountably irritable and scratchy today, I sat on my bad temper and despair at the entirety of humanity, and just did my job as usual.


There’s a change happening now.

Synched-thoughts with my son on the other side of the globe resulted in him messaging me. Just to say Hi. But there’s something moving underground, some air coalescing in the sky, some trembling horrors lurking beneath my benevolent dreams, now…

A grand solar-terra magnetic storm, perhaps?

A crystal invasion of interstellar virus? It’s coming closer.

The gods-damned television is even on the fritz, all over the country this evening.

But my fear is confined to sweaty, trembling midnight awakenings. Points of terror in an otherwise expansive and blissful discovery-voyage, The future holds – with all this looming shift I sense in every dimension at the moment – no real fear. Only curiosity.


2 responses to “Change Gonna Come

  1. And i’ve been waking with screaming headaches in the night.
    Doc suggests dehyration, but i’ve never had headaches, never mind at night.
    No fear, only … curiosity, yes perfectly said.
    Winter has been almost too good to be true. Delaying the inevitable antarctic breezes.
    peace and love T


  2. Hmm..good diagnosis, Doc. Now, what caused the dehydration?
    ‘Flu would be my guess. Unless it’s whateverthehell they’re putting in the air and water. Breathing in fumes of burning rubber in the morning is toxic.
    But I’ve been suffering mighty headaches, too, for the past couple of weeks. So much so that I’ve taken GrandPa on 2 occasions. I generally stay away from that stuff.
    T in J


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