Anarchy and Taxes

Thinking I’ll be a good little shaman and file my tax return relatively early this year, I headed to the SARS e-filing site this morning.

After about a half hour of trying to get it to show me something, anything, I gave up and had breakfast.

During the run-up to the Durban July ( Vodacom! Fire your IT department, they can’t maintain audio on the biggest horse race of the year!) I tried again…and got scolded by the upstart site for not having Adobe Flash 11.3 installed. I wasn’t allowed to access my return before I fixed this, so off I go and check out my operating systems.

I do indeed have the very latest flash player installed – which for Linux is v 11.2, and no more support for you, you OpenSource user.

It seems futile to try to argue with a literal, close-coded pop up installed by the Revenue Service, but I can’t install 11.3 as this is not supported by my OS.

So I make a plan, and switch over to the loathed Windows side of my dual-boot system.

Only to find, of course, that I need to update the flash player over there.

Well, Adobe supports users on Windows, not surprisingly, so the download and installation took place, albeit extremely slowly. Remember I was competing for bandwidth with the Durban July.

But that is still not enough for the anal retentives at SARS.

I completed my tax return, sure, but now I can’t see the calculation which tells me what they owe me….I am told again that I need to install the latest..yadda yadda.

I sign off in disgust.

I mean, why am I going to so much trouble to sanctify my taxes with this government?

Are they using the considerable slice of my paycheck for useful, noble ends?

Hell, no.

Zuma’s luxury kraal is being financed by my money. And so is the humongous advertising campaign designed to sell us the idea of the blatantly corrupt eTolls.

Not to mention luxury vehicles and mansions by the hundred for the cadres. So I really begrudge that tax money.

As far as I’m concerned, SARS can come and whistle for their damned cash. I’m done trying to placate that venal wing of a greedy, criminal government.

I’m off to watch a re-run of a jockey named Khumalo winning the July. Without audio.


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