Dis – Connected


That video of the cops in Hawthorne murdering a guy’s best friend has me thinking.

And what it has me thinking is this:

The Guardian Class, for all that some of its members are motivated by a real urge to protect and shelter people, has its share of completely disconnected, civilised-insane men and women. (But mostly men, I admit.).

Judging by the numbers of similar tales from across the Net – and of course my own experience – I’d say that the writing in big, bold letters seems to say that many of these people want you to fear them. Need you to fear them – or how else can they do their job of control properly?

That they are so dis-connected from the living world as to be unable to behold a domestic canine as another part of God is just another symptom.

2 responses to “Dis – Connected

  1. Sadly, having known a few cops, local and not….the bigger problem right now is cops are being taught to FEAR their own populace. And I am sure you know how many negative things happen as a result of fear! One woman who had been long planning to be a police officer finally went to the Academy and became one. She quit after several months of mental strain….being TOLD by superiors to NEVER drive to work IN uniform because it made her a target, for instance. So, these folks go out there, very likely intending to serve and protect and get basically indoctrinated in fear for their lives. This primes them for horrific over-reaction like that terrible video.

    Ignorance and Fear….twin evils if ever I saw them.


  2. Yes – I can all too easily imagine how that works. Fear of each other on both sides.
    We probably need to rethink the whole appointing of the guardian class process. Humanity – and all life – deserves a better type of person in this position.
    T in J


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