What kind of fabulous miracle is this?

That we can think of doing something – getting up from the bed and making a cup of tea for instance – and then going and actually putting that thought form into action.

Or: I’ve just had a nap for an hour. That is, I’ve been unconscious for 60 minutes, more or less. I’m going to stand up, walk into the kitchen, switch on the electric current to the kettle, boil some water, pour it over a tea bag in a mug, add sugar and milk, stir, and drink.

What esoteric magic is this?

I tell you a Mystery: willing and then doing is a great act of Love.

Pic: from Bel Bajao


One response to “Telekinesis

  1. I gave a man an ugly piece of paper with a beloved terrorist’s face on it, he gave me back fresh fruit.

    Paradise. That’s where we live. Though we are technically slaves to the entrenched elites that are in charge of these many conveniences, though WE are the ones that actually design, manufacture and maintain those conveniences.

    What a strange situation.


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