On Her Way


Glittering field of turquoise as I close my eyes for a Sunday afternoon nap.

Ah, but this is what being alive is all about!

The thing with finding yourself able to enter the Void is this:- does it help? Does it make you an actual better person?

Anyone who has read this blog for a couple of years or more will be well aware that, among my besetting sins is a deep-rooted antipathy towards authority.

This can be a good thing, mind you. I have a tendency to want to do my own research and make up my own mind on stuff, instead of taking some expert’s word for it, for example.

But it also manifests in a rather over-indulged sense of fuck you directed at any person or institution seen as authoritarian, whether this is in fact the case or not.

So I have no problem choosing up sides in any class war, despite (or perhaps because of) the social stratum I was originally planted in.

Fuck the Police falls naturally from my vocal chords, as does a disdain for monarchies and governments descend from my hierarchical-traitor brain. And with some good reason, when analysed, in many cases.

Yet lately I have been catching myself watching a documentary on Queen Elizabeth II and feeling wave after wave of compassion for the pain the woman is pretty obviously in, as well as frank admiration for her startling example of integrity in life.

The police, the armed forces, private security contingents and other law-and-order minded people have also been impressing me, recently, as not only being contemptuous wielders of down-the-ladder violence, but also as ordinary human beings with a calling to form a guardian caste of protectors of, and among, humanity. That they are also frequently those mindlessly attacking brutes hitting out from fear and other incarnate emotions is beside the point.

People are rarely simply described, and I have caught myself in a tendency to try to simplify civilizations and human behaviours within them – probably out of intellectual laziness, if I’m honest with myself.

And the truth is that each of us is far more complex than the traditional anarchist view of hierarchically-constructed evil would have us believe.

What resonates more cleanly and sits much more comfortably with my soul is the recognition that every single human being I see – whether in real life or on the telly or in the ‘net – is another part of God on Her way to experience all there is to this incarnate state.

And that makes us all both incredibly single-sourced and multi-faceted at the same time.

Pic: from Angels In Nature


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