Right! Let’s get on then, shall we?

After a fairly irritating week in which I was not able to post anywhere, let alone blog, it all seems to have been sorted.

There’s a blogroll over there in the sidebar – if I have left anyone out, please do yell at me. This WordPress is new to me, and manual tweaking is actually at a minimum.

In other news: Welcome back O Sun!

A very Merry Yule or Litha to all my Pagan-y friends and fellows.

The slow return of the Light would seem an auspicious time to start anew, after all.


4 responses to “Right!

  1. It’s great to see you able to comment!
    I’ve set my comments filter to only require moderation for the first comment, then afterwards the comments will be automatically approved. Hopefully. 🙂
    T in J


  2. There’s a plug-in for wordpress called “Blogroll Widget with RSS Feeds” that I use on my site to emulate showing the latest posts from your blogroll members, similar to the feature in blogger.

    Thought you might like that functionality back.


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