Dreaming last night, I was walking in my garden, which was unaccountably – since it is Winter – full of roses.

Huge blooms of all colours grew from bushes and trees, and although I rarely get the sense of smell vividly in my dreams, still I knew that their scent was powerful and beautiful.

When I awoke, something was nagging me…what was it now..oh yes, my doctor had found an unacceptably high blood pressure reading in me when I visited him for the ‘flu two weeks ago.

Roses, for those who don’t know it yet (and that apparently included me up to a few hours ago) are a sovereign aromatherapy for high blood pressure.


One response to “Roses

  1. I love roses and if I use any perfume it has to be rose dominant. Also, for me, a sudden scent of roses always is a sort of pre-mystical state cue. And my heavily scented rose hedge (moved last fall to a better less road-wind battered spot) is called "Hekate's Hedge"….the scent often signifies Her trying to focus my attention.


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