Not Recommended

Having been practically brought up on the works of Robert A. Heinlein – which probably explains a lot of my fucked-up earlier life when you think about it – I was not averse to catching a showing of Starship Troopers on the telly last night.

I remember that the original novel was decidedly not one of my favourite Heinleins – the jingoism is strong with this one – but have hopes that the film will put a different slant on it.

Aaargh. Aaargh. Aaargh. My eyes. My poor bloody eyes.

Although my eyes were probably the least bloody bits of flesh in the arena last night. This is a gory movie.
But apart from that, I found the juxtaposition of purposely laughable fascist clips from the future media and the deadpan fascist dialogue from the actors just a bit much.

It’s very likely that I am a naive film watcher. I found the whole spectacle so disturbing – or rather, my body found it so disturbing, for my brain insisted upon watching to the end – that my legs were weak and shaky by the time I eventually went to bed.

Not recommended for children,lovers of Heinlein or anyone with a drier sense of humour than the average American.

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3 responses to “Not Recommended

  1. Isn't the trajectory of the story really about what happens when someone says (and keeps saying), "It's been 3 years (plus a lifetime). Stop f*g (!) hazing me and let me go." To which the response is, "Sorry, we cannot do that, our way is not only better, it is the only way." Who is the jingoist?And someone else is hell bent on trying to destroy another's life,Why? Because they have been granted permissions afforded no one else for the purpose of subjugation of someone, at last someone, other than himself (Nah, nothing about blood shooting from the eyes and obvious radical deep-seeded-ew-ick misogyny reeks of serious evangelist dad and momma's boy issues). Who is the jingoist?For that matter, why do people continue to protect obvious domestic terrorists and plagiarist thieves? It is that at least, in his attack of some members of society, heck, the same person over the course of several years, at least he is visible to the rest of you? How upstanding.When a society gets to a place where a select group uses extreme, through the floor, through the wall, through the roof, through the tubes asymmetrical tactics; significant and substantial forces with which to be reckoned, from which there is little or no escape, who is imposing will upon whom? Aren't we beyond jingoism when you cannot even agree to disagree and leave each other alone? A separate peace? If that choice was ceded for everyone and by everyone, when was that made official? What are they trying to accomplish that they cannot let others go?As long as they continue to say join us because there is no way out, there are no other choices, and we will continue to destroy you in the so-called name of peace, they can expect defiance to the bitter end. The hypocrisy of tactics, in service of yet another layer of inequality, is far too rich, for whosoever's blood.These questions deserve answers.The lack of transparency is a testament to the illegitimacy and irrationality. Jingoism.—-*fwiw, he "free lunch" acronym is merely a recognizable one and sometimes the most apt. Doesn't imply endorsement of RH's world view. Even though some followers are chagrined to admit it, wasn't one of the main critiques of Heinlein that he was a bit sexist?


  2. To wit: I'm just sitting here. Legs outstretched and crossed at the ankles, not moving a muscle. I have two pillows on my lap and an also motionless cat sitting atop the pillows. Can't possibly see what would be so interesting about that. If the monitor shows anything else, it isn't me. It's an imposter. Cannot fathom the intrigue other than the unseen, a hefty medicine ball of energy.


  3. (cont'd) With one arm, I am cradling the cat on my lap. The other arm is on the arm rest. My limbs are motionless, as though they were metal and the chair itself magnetic. Only my head moves, tracing the arc of dancing, vibrating strings swimming on a background of reds, purples and blues, playing on the screen that is the back of my eyelids. I am motionless until the magnetics relent.


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